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The Bustling World is an open-world RPG set in ancient China. Delight in boundless freedom as you explore various features such as survival, cultivation, management, crafting, building, and exploration. Recruit your own army, establish a regime, and engage in diplomacy for an immersive experience.

In this ancient world, limitless possibilities await. You can choose to lead a tranquil life—work, engage in trade, and build a family. Alternatively, satisfy your insatiable desires for wealth, status, and military might. Embark on daring journeys, exploring, adventuring, solving mysteries, combating bandits, and recruiting heroes. Or, aim for the peak of power through establishing influence, city planning, policy formulation, diplomatic endeavors, and territorial expansion.

Game Features

  • Dynamic World and Characters

Immerse yourself in a world where every choice ripples through the tapestry of the game. Inhabitants, driven by their unique character traits and familial ties, dynamically shape the cityscape based on players' interactions. They'll make their own decisions such as to stay at home, go to work, go out for fun, move to another city, build houses, run stores, avenge their family, run away from war etc.

  • Agricultural and Livestock Farming

Cultivate a farm adorned with over 60 varieties of typical plants from ancient times. Tend to these plants' different needs for soil type, water and temperature to make sure their healthy growth. Form bonds with more than 30 creatures, transforming them into more powerful allies for riding or combat. Breed and train animals, with chances for mutations and discovering high-level species in the wild. 

  • Enterprising Pursuits

Navigate a bustling cityscape, discovering a variety of vocations to amass wealth. Ascend the entrepreneurial ladder by establishing and managing vibrant businesses, outmaneuvering rivals through strategic thinking. Hire employees and manage various shops related to people's daily lives. Engage in promotional activities, open branches, or even employ some cunning methods to compete with opponents, expanding your business and achieving prosperity.

  • Navigate among Jianghu Factions

Embark on a quest through untamed wilderness, battle ferocious creatures and uncover martial treasures. Become a bounty hunter, tracking fugitives, and unearthing forgotten ruins rich with hidden valuables.
Delve into Jianghu factions, underground gambling dens, secret banks, outlaw strongholds, secluded martial arts schools. Trade with them, obtain unique martial arts techniques, uncover hidden secrets, manipulate, join, eliminate, or even rebuild various factions. As a leader, recruit heroes, establish mercenary legions, cooperate with these factions, and enhance your power.

  • Build a Homestead

Craft unique cityscapes with a sophisticated construction system boasting nearly 2000 of components. Besides, the game also features almost 1000 well-designed items and artifacts, including all kinds of furniture, fine china, renowned paintings etc. Trade these on the market freely and gain revenue from the price fluctuation. After becoming the steward of a faction, players could also conduct city planning and oversee the architectural endeavors of individual NPC.

  • Strategy and Simulation

Carve out a domain in unclaimed territories or engage in calculated assaults on cities for expansion. Artfully manage a spectrum of factional policies in military, culture, economy, and research, unlocking strategic cards to enhance city development. If there are different cities to manage, you could also adjust those policies to achieve a nuanced balance.

  • Diplomacy as a Fine Art

Navigate the intricate dance of diplomacy, where geography, military might, and population dynamics dictate the ebb and flow of relations with NPC factions. Employ negotiation finesse, engage in trade, and wield the subtle arts of threats, warfare, alliances, and espionage to secure interests. The factions of the NPCs will make decisions based on the complicated relations of different cities as well, making every playthrough a brand-new experience.

  • Entertainment and Social Connections

Indulge in an array of leisure activities, from engaging in various mini games to culinary showdowns and martial arts extravaganzas. Build up connections with NPCs, forge alliances, or even stir up delightful chaos in the lives of others.

  • Craftsmanship from Antiquity

Immerse yourself in the revival of ancient crafting techniques, from culinary arts to textile mastery and metallurgy. Progress from hands-on craftsmanship to establishing mass production, seamlessly integrating skilled workers and effective production lines.

  • Stunning Hand-painted Aesthetic

Marvel at the meticulous artistry imbued in the game's 3D structure, a testament to the opulence of a hand-drawn aesthetic. Over 5,000 hand-rendered elements, meticulously referencing ancient artwork and literary treasures. Adorn characters in exquisitely recreated traditional Chinese attire, where garments sway elegantly with the grace of authentic physics simulations.

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