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Experience the rustic allure of farming life

Transform tangled fields into a vibrant farmstead, clear weeds and nurture a thriving oasis. Cultivate an array of crops, repair the waterwheel's gentle whir, and relish the satisfying harvest.

Nurture animals and cherish companionship

Construct cozy sheds for livestock, carefully breeding and tending to them as they grace your farm with their presence. Enjoy the rewards of fresh eggs, creamy milk, and even delicate silk. Embrace the company of adorable cats and dogs, forging deep bonds that may unveil surprising treasures and delightful tales.

Embark on culinary adventures and craft exquisite teas

Unlock the secrets of traditional Chinese cookware, exploring diverse cooking methods and recipes from charming inns, nomadic merchants, and enigmatic ghost markets. Manage your own tea plantation, and employ ancient techniques to create teas of unmatched quality. Invite friends to enchanting moonlit tea parties, where aromatic brews and captivating conversations intertwine.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of Teatopia

Uncover the East and West Urban Areas, each brimming with unique attractions and a tapestry of captivating characters. Engage in friendships, discover their preferences and daily routines, and unravel their hidden stories. Ordinary townsfolk may conceal extraordinary pasts as legendary swordsmen or mysterious wanderers.

Encounter mystical realms and ethereal beings in the Ghost Market

Unlock the gateway to the enchanting underworld where fairies and mortals converge. Explore the clandestine market that offers rare and extraordinary goods beyond the mortal realm. Unravel the secrets that intertwine with your own destiny, forge a path of transformation and wonder.

Discover hidden treasures and ancient artifacts

Seek out exquisite antiques and enchanting folklore tucked away in unexpected places, adding a touch of wonder to your journey.

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