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Sequel to the acclaimed Legendary Creatures, created by HideChara, and a fun treat combining both roguelike and auto-battler gameplay. Recruit and evolve a large array of troops, creatures, and an arsenal of weapons, to defeat the demon lord spreading corruption across the land. Mod support to come!


- Unleash your adventurous spirit on a randomly generated map, brimming with surprises.
- Create unique skill combinations from a diverse pool, thanks to the main and sub-class system.
- Dive into a deep equipment system with abundant gems that offer a variety of effects.
- Unlock new map facilities as you conquer each difficulty level, ensuring fresh challenges.
- Discover a plethora of creatures, skills, items, and facilities, offering more content than ever before.
- Modding support will be implemented into the game later, simple and flexible just like the previous work.

Explore the Randomly Generated Open World

Roam freely in expansive maps with random events and functional facilities, forging your own path in this world of unpredictability and adventure. Plan your route, outsmart the pervasive miasma, and defeat the demon lord within limited time.

Conquer Dozens of Unique Creatures

Collect, unlock, and train a vast array of creatures in legends, each with distinct traits and appearances. Choose from six basic classes: Warrior, Tank, Ranger, Assassin, Mage, and Support, along with 24 advanced classes like Swordsman, Nashor, Crossbowman, Ninja, Inferno Mage, and Shaman. And also, you can defeat the demon lord's servants and bring them under your command.

Shape Your Path with Ever-changing Strategies

Unlock over 200 skills and combine them with creature-specific abilities to forge diverse combat strategies. Obtain emblems in various ways to gain powerful buffs, arm your team, and influence the outcome of your journey. With a wealth of equipment affixes and consumable items, unleash devastating attacks, heal your allies, summon divine beasts, and turn the tide of battle.

Continuation of Series Features

Experience an enchanting world with retro art style that showcases the uniqueness of each creature. Engage in fast-paced combat and enjoy intuitive exploration mechanics, delivering a seamless gaming experience in line with the series' legacy.

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