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On the first day of school after transferring to a new city, you got framed and ended up in jail. After one year of probation, you set out to discover who set you up. Find a partner, get familiar with the city, make money by taking part-time jobs, increase your abilities and unveil the truth.

Inherited from the last title of O.T.K Games, "The Vagrant", the combat in "Too Cool For School" is exhilarating and satisfying. Acquire new skills, upgrade various abilities, enlarge your armoury and dominate the arena.

Rich story-lines. You can choose to be straightforward and kill anyone that's standing in your way, or you can be manipulative and indulge yourself in opulent living. And it’s even possible to join the villains and become an anti-hero! There are more than 10 endings for you to discover.

A variety of romanceable characters. 4 female and 4 male romanceable candidates are waiting for your arrival. Take them out for a hot date, level up your relationships, and then fight alongside them against street mobs. Life is short, you gotta enjoy it while you can!

Eccentric city life. You can take a bus to the gym for a good workout, study in the library for a change, or hang out with your partners in the bar, club or arena. And of course, it's always fun to "interact" with random pedestrians and the police.

Extravagant shopper. Be good and work part-time or rob someone on the sidewalk for a quick buck; it’s your choice! Spend your money on stats and weapon upgrades, challenge the bosses and embezzle money. It's your turn to be a legend in this metropolis!

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