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Death Cathedral is a rogue-like combat feast where you build an army of the living dead with flesh and bones to seek out the devil lurking in the cathedral wrapped by the mantle of darkness.

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COMBAT SYSTEM: Parry, dodge roll, use your ult with the right timing. It's simple but not easy to master.

DECAY SYSTEM: You are controlling dead bodies of flesh and bones stuck together with black magic. Every exploration increases the decay of the body. The dead warrior collapses when the decay reaches 100%. Be aware of the team selection ahead of every run!

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Aside from fighting skills, make sure to manage a good variety of resources: preservatives, keys, armours... You can't always be prepared, but you should strategize to arrange your necessities.

ROSTER BUILDING: Defeat the enemies to gain enough flesh and bones to expand your team.

UNFORESEEABLE ADVENTURE: You will encounter not only enemies but facilities to aid you and make you pay at the same time. Be aware not to backfire yourself by interacting in the wrong scenarios.

COUNTLESS EQUIPMENT: The equipment offers not only boosts to attributes but also grants powerful specialities to your warriors. To make full use of the specialities, your lineup, enemy's attributes, the area and many factors are under consideration. Specialities may also affect the items you use.

ORIGINAL BACKSTORY: You are not what you think you are. The journey of the heart reveals as the game progresses.

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