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Morihisa Tale is a roguelite deck-building strategy game. You need to improve your deck through constant battles, learn powerful talents, and use the heroic power of warriors during the warring states period of Japan to investigate the truth of the rebellion in Morihisa City.

Shogun Tokugawa home light issued to the various vassals "wide eternal order", sent to the Iwagawa home Mori City emissaries never returned. Rumor has it that the Lord of Mori Hisa, Nobuhisa Iwagawa, is planning a rebellion. He has been closing in on Mori Hisa several days ago, and the roads leading to Mori Hisa have become impassable.

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In order to inquire into the real information, Shogun needs a spy to Mori long city, where the situation of the return to the shogunate......

Deck Building for Different Classes

Four completely different classes (samurai, monk, ninja, onmyoji) each has a unique ability comes from completely different card library with more than 300 cards. Build a different fighting style around the class characteristics to challenge a variety of strange Japanese legend monsters.

The Vagaries of Talent

Each class has its own unique talent, each adventure will generate a completely different talent tree. The combination of talent and card sets to help you create a variety of amazing combinations.

Japanese Warring States Military Generals

Invoke the assistance of Japanese warring states military generals in your adventures, each of which provides a completely different fighting skill to kill all enemies in front of you.

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