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Ancient Abyss is a Rogue-Zelda game where you will explore mysterious and hidden events in a randomly generated maze. As you progress, you’ll gain more power and collect items to help you reach further into the maze. As you walk through the layers of the maze and reach the bottom of the abyss, you’ll discover mysterious and dark forces, tucked away, so no one would find them..

Ancient Abyss features the thrilling battle and perma-death mechanics of the Roguelike genre, as well as the exploration and discovery of 2D Zelda games.


• RogueZelda: An action game that combines RogueLike and 2D Zelda elements, allowing players to experience exploration and discovery in a randomly generated maze. The game combines the depth of a RogueLike game with a thrilling perma-death experience. 

• Explore: The game is full of unreachable and hidden areas, but players have the opportunity to master new skills and acquire new items at any time in the game. These new abilities will help players explore further to discover treasures and secrets hidden within the maze. 

• Stimulating Combat: A wide selection of melee and ranged weaponry allow for multiple styles of play and create a unique combat experience.

• 2D world with dynamic lighting: Beautiful pixel art, intuitive and smooth animation and excellent dynamic lighting effects create a wonderful visual experience.

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Is there a demo? because there is no download button here

Ancient Abyss on Steam (steampowered.com) its paid

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great jobs ..hope version for playstation

Excellent game, I have tested it with headphones and the ambient sounds and effects are perfectly with the careful graphics. Excellent playability. Much encouragement with this game. I leave my little gameplay.

Really awesome platformer! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video!

This was super neat! I've had this on my Steam wishlist for a bit, I'm always looking for more roguelikes to play and this one has quite an interesting world. Can't wait for the full release!

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay